Top 4 healthcare technology trends that will impact 2019

Top 4 healthcare technology trends that will impact 2019

Wearable-tech will be widely adopted for real-time care

Wearable technology, which is fast becoming popular with fitness enthusiasts, will become a key enabler for real-time medical care.

Up to 50 percent visits will be Virtual

Telehealth or telemedicine will become increasingly popular with patients for routine appointments. With patients connecting with their doctors via video call and being able to order prescriptions through patient portals, valuable time can be saved for both the doctor and the patient. Coupled with the adoption of wearable tech devices, virtual care can become very effective and efficient.

Patient participation in their health will increase drastically

Patients will actively engage with their healthcare providers using patient portals and will be able to access their medical records, schedule appointments, update billing information, order prescriptions and connect virtually with their providers using audio/video conferencing. This will lead to patient empowerment and allow them to actively participate in their relationship with their health care providers.

Collaboration will increase with interoperable systems

Different stakeholders - Physician practices, hospitals, urgent care centers, pharmacies and specialized medical centers, will collaborate using interoperable systems that allow different systems and applications to communicate with one another.
Patient's medical records will follow them throughout the health care system and different stakeholders involved in the care of the patient will seamlessly collaborate with each other.